It was the Pushkar festival in Rajasthan, India. Pushkar is one of the holy cities of India. Mythology has it, that during the full moon, in the month of November, all the 330 million deities (!!!) of the Hindu belief, come to bathe in the holy Pushkar lake.
During this time thousands of believers and devotees gather in this town to take a holy dip. And apart from these religious rituals, people from far and near gather to participate in a number of cultural and sporting events.
That year, the variety of folk dances and songs lent vivid splashes of color and vibrancy to the atmosphere that was already charged with the excitement of camel races and cattle fair.
There were hundreds of shops selling camels, horses, bulls, cows and much much more. I was initially excited about being there. The music and the colorful dances had a charm of their own. But then, before I even knew it, I was caught up in the midst of this enormous crowd of people, camels and cows...
Soon, I lost all my bearings. I did not know what event was happening behind me or what was to come ahead. There were things I wanted to watch a little more, but they just kept passing by. People decided to push me and move to the front, so they could watch the funfair on the street! Though everything was in the spirit of fun and holiness, I began to feel overwhelmed. I had no idea in what direction the crowd was moving. I just kept going, simply because everyone else was doing it..
Suddenly, a friendly face appeared in the crowd. One of the holy men, I guess. “Looks like you are not enjoying this", he said. "I want to”, I replied, ‘but I am not able to see anything much – all these people keep blocking my view. This crowd is getting on my nerves!"
“Come with me", he said without a moment’s hesitation and held my hand. Not being given a choice, I followed him...
He stopped by a giant Ferris wheel and motioned me to get in. I did so, hesitatingly. He shook his head and smiled.
 “If you feel the crowd is getting to you, don’t blame the crowd – that does not change anything. At such times, step away and take the Ferris wheel.
From up there, you will see everything you wanted to see – you will be a part of the festival , yet free from the crowds!"
The Ferris wheel began to rotate...
As I was gaining height, slowly, but surely, I began to see the festivities in a perspective I never saw before. The whole panorama seemed to unfold before my eyes. The dances and the events I lost sight of, down below, thinking they were past and gone, now were once more in my line of sight.
I noticed colorfully decorated camels coming down the road. From where I had stood earlier, this was something I would have waited at least an hour to see;
But now, suddenly from where I saw it, the future became the present. I could see where the parade began, where it ended - I saw the general direction the crowd was moving in...
Everything was still the same - the songs, the dances, the kid falling down and wailing, the beggars on the street, the sick making their way to the lake for the holy dip – nothing changed and yet it appeared so different.
Up there on the Ferris wheel, that afternoon, I couldn’t help thinking how everything in life was probably a matter of perception. What appeared to be the past and the future, down below, was NOW IN THE PRESENT from up here.
Guess what – my vision was not limited to the festival alone. I could now see the Pushkar lake, the beautiful temples and much, much more - I was totally absorbed in the moment and yet a part of everything I saw.

Later that afternoon, I saw the old man sitting in a corner of the busy street, smoking his pipe.

I bent to touch his feet, in respect (as is the custom in India) and he said, "With every turn of the Ferris wheel, we build a new perspective and every time we open our hearts and minds to a different perspective, we continue to enrich our lives.

And this goes on..All we need to do, is to step in time with the silent rhythms of the Ferris wheel – moving in rhythm, breathing in rhythm tuning into the internal rhythms of our body, mind and pulse, slowly expanding to the vast rhythms of the universe and beyond....

Build your perspectives - Enrich your life".


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