It was a wonderful sunrise that morning on the beach in Chennai, a city in South India. I was visiting one of my masters and he suggested that we do yoga on the beach that early morning. We began at about 3.00 am and it was about 5.00 am or so, when we had finished our yoga practice and were meditating silently.

When I was done meditating, I opened my eyes, to see the sun rising over the calm ocean. The sight was spectacular, magical and picture perfect.

I noticed my master was motionless. I did not want him to miss this dazzling display , unfolding itself before our eyes..!! ‘You are missing the sunrise master’, I said, ‘it is more beautiful than anything I can ever imagine’.

There was silence. I noticed my master had not stirred. Well, I decided to enjoy the sunrise – it was truly captivating that morning.

Minutes ticked by.. Slowly, the deep red glow of the sun turned into orange. About half an hour later, I heard the familiar resounding exhalation – followed by a couple of short cleansing breaths! I knew my master was done.

I turned to face him. He opened his eyes but kept them focused on a spot, on the sand in front of him.

He spoke softly. I leaned in to listen.

“When in the state of BEING,” he said, “you simply observe – there is no time or room for JUDGMENT - no good, no bad, no beautiful, no ugly..”

He paused and looked at me. “If you believe in beauty, you have to bear with ugliness. If you are attached to your LIKES, you have to put up with someone’s DISLIKES. And every time you CHASE light or knowledge, know this - the shadow of ignorance is stealthily stalking you – Meditation is simply BEING”.

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